Water Polo End of Season Analysis


Mark Valgos (9th), Reporter

With fall sports finally closed, it is time to start reporting on them. In this article we are covering water polo, but we may as well cover others later on. 


The water polo season was, to put it lightly, less than impressive from a win/loss standpoint. All of our teams lost more than they won, having small victories along the course of the season. 


At the water polo banquet, senior Coaches Award recipient Colby Souza stated that, “All the teams started out rough, but we all picked it up considerably as the season went on.” And boy was he right. We started out the season with a depressing loss to Oakdale, and as the season went on we very quickly picked up. 


At the same event, junior varsity boys coach Connor Greene mentioned that for a group of boys, most of which had never played water polo before, he was, “Very proud of them and proud of the progress they had made throughout the duration of the season.” And he was correct. Being almost entirely a team of freshmen just learning how to play the game it was very understandable that we didn’t know what we were doing at the start of the season, but our season quickly picked up a bit and we ended up going into overtime twice and completely shutting down Enochs with a 3-0 win.


Varsity and Junior Varsity girls had very similar seasons to JV and Varsity boys, with an almost identical number of wins and losses. 


For special mentions, though, both varsity teams had quite a few. Junior Colin Silveira was voted number one goalie in our CCAL league, and Varsity Girls Maya Kern was voted CCAL Offensive player of the year. Additionally, Lily Martine, Maya Russel, Colby Souza, and Lucas Yotsuya were all voted as 2nd team All-CCAL players. And of course, Rachel Fish and Hugh Woodruff were both awarded honorable mentions by CCAL coaches. Congratulations to all of you, every one of you earned it.


Overall, our win/loss season was not the most impressive, but from an improvement standpoint all of our teams did incredibly well, and we had an impressive number of CCAL 1st, 2nd, and honorable mention votes. All the teams are looking forward to a more impressive second season, and with our entire JV team playing club polo this year, we expect great things from them.