Winter Formal 2021


Rylie Rice (9th), Reporter

Since the recent COVID regulations have restricted the amount of school events Pitman High School has hosted the past two years, some have been taken into the hands of the people instead. A few months ago we had the 2021 Homecoming Dance outdoors on campus. Pitman ASB members decided that if the dances had to be outside to accommodate more students and the COVID rules, that there would only be a Fall Homecoming and not a Winter Formal. To add to those rules, this year attendees weren’t allowed to be accompanied by someone from a different school. Even though everyone was very grateful to finally have the opportunity to go to a school dance again, Pitman students agreed that they should have another dance that felt a little more normal. 


Luckily, a group of students and their parents (whose names are unknown to the public) coordinated a Winter Formal Dance that will be held indoors at the Grand Oak Hall on December 17th. This parent-run dance has no affiliation with the school, and will be held from 8pm-12pm. It’s heavily suggested to get there on time so you aren’t waiting in line the entire time. Tickets have been on sale since November 10th, $40 for one and $70 for two, with the selling dates listed on their Instagram page (@2021_winter_formal). 


For this specific dance, Pitman students are allowed to bring someone from neighboring high schools as their “date” as long as they both bring their school ID. Not only do you need an ID, you also need to complete the permission slip you are handed once the tickets are purchased and submit a picture of your vaccine card, a negative test taken within five days of the event, or antibodies. Similarly to the HOCO dance, students are subject to a pat-down and search to ensure the safety of everyone attending. 


Ticket sales are now over.  The money from the ticket sales will go toward paying for the hall and all other proceeds will go towards the DJ, snacks, photo booth, sodas, taco stand, decorations and much more that is needed. Also keep in mind the formal dress code: girls – formal dresses and non-revealing clothing, guys – suit, tux, slacks, etc. 


The following dates and time for ticket sales are:


For any other unanswered questions please visit @2021_winter_formal on Instagram!