Pitman Car Show 2022


Mark Valgos (9th), Reporter

As many people know, the PHS car show just recently happened, on Thursday March 10th. During Pride Time many students chose to park their rides in the quad, allowing the students and staff to walk around and marvel at all of the different vehicles. From muscle cars to off road trucks and everything in between; it is really interesting to see what everybody drives. Some of the most notable rides were a 1957 Chevrolet pickup, presented by the Day brothers, a Chevrolet Nova, and even a Skylark. Additionally, There were a few pickups which were lifted and ready for mud. One of which even sported a “Got Sand?” sticker on his rear window. Running everywhere from 31-35 inch tires, the trucks were incredible. Additionally, there were at least three Ford Mustangs, two Toyota Supras, and a Scion. 

Overall, it seemed like the Pitman Car Show was nothing short of a huge success, and I think everybody is hoping that the next generation of drivers has the same taste as the previous. 

And you can rest assured that next year, there will be one more classic 4×4 added to the mix – mine!