Pitman High School Presents: High School Musical


Grace Marson (12th), Editor

Only a few months after the final bow of the amazing production, Little Shop of Horrors, Pitman High School’s drama department is pleased to announce its newest adaptation. By popular demand, drama director, Patrick Norris, has decided to put on our version of High School Musical. The movie that made a huge impact on most of us in our childhood is now being put on by our very own school, and it most definitely won’t be one to miss.

If you haven’t seen any movies as a part of the franchise, it mostly revolves around six high school students who get by on singing and dancing up and down hallway walls. The main character, Troy Bolton, is a closeted theatre kid who is afraid to show his true passion for singing to his best friend, Chad, and the rest of his basketball teammates. However, he meets a girl named Gabriella Montez when they do karaoke at a New Years Eve Party. Sparks fly and Troy has the dilemma of choosing to pursue theater and be made fun of by his friends, or suppress his feelings for Gabriella and the drama department. The other two main characters that make up this movie are Sharpay and Ryan Evans. They are not to be messed with when it comes to the school musicals because they will stop at nothing to be at the top; especially, Sharpay. If you don’t know what happens once Sharpay finds out Troy and Gabriella are up for the leads in the play, you’ll want to come watch the performance to find out what happens next. 

After tireless efforts from the cast and crew, the show is coming together amazingly! The set, costumes, props, and publications are all student run; not to mention the incredible dances are all choreographed by Pitman High seniors, Alyssa Evans and Armani Bustos! Norris has been working hard to make sure the play is up to Pitman High School drama department standards, and it will surely be one of the best. 

To give an idea of how incredible the show is so far, I interviewed Pitman High School senior, Haley Kowtko, who plays the amazing Sharpay Evans.

  • Why should people come watch High School Musical?

“Because I’m in it… Just kidding. People should come watch it because we’ve been working extremely hard on it and everyone loves High School Musical. Also, we get to scream at people in the audience which will be a fun experience for them. There’s some hidden gems throughout the show that involve us interacting with the audience so it’s going to be fabulous (pun intended).”

  • Are you getting nervous knowing that the play is only 3 weeks away?

“Yes. Very. Extremely. But, as Patrick Norris says, ‘it’s not nerves, it’s excitement’.” 

  • Is there anything you want to address that you are super excited for people to see when watching the production? 

“Pay attention to not only the main characters. The ensemble has so many amazing contributions that add to the group numbers.”


You definitely do not want to miss this production. Bring your friends and enjoy yourselves by coming to support the Pitman drama department’s rendition of High School Musical. Tickets are being sold for $10 in the activities office or C103. Go Wildcats!


Show Dates:

March 17, 2022 – 6PM

March 18, 2022 – 6PM

March 24, 2022 – 6PM

March 25, 2022 – 3PM & 6PM