2022 Oscar Looks


This year, the Academy Awards did not fail to draw in viewers from around the world to admire celebrities’ bold red carpet looks. Famous nominees and movie stars arrived at the 94th Academy Awards, not only to uphold the art in filmmaking and praise the talented members of the motion-picture industry, but to make a statement with their sense of fashion and unique styles. As there were so many Hollywood celebrities that attended the prestigious banquet, we narrowed the list down to some of the most glamorous, surprising, and disappointing outfits of the night.


Lily James certainly raised the bar for others to rank high in the best-dressed category at the Oscars with her elegant dress, designed by none other than Atelier Versace. The soft pink, lacey gown falls gracefully onto the floor, following an intricate floral pattern throughout. Adding to the already breathtaking centerpiece, James’ minimal jewelry compliments the feathery feel of this dress. James’ look captures the essence of modern and classy, which puts her high on the list.


Besides the talk of her unexpected appearance at the ceremony, Megan Thee Stallion hit the red carpet, wearing a stunning gown by Gaurav Gupta. The strapless, gray-blue, tight-fit dress flows out, similar to how flower petals blossom in the spring, near the waist below. In all, Megan Thee Stallion truly looked like a diamond at the Academy Awards.


During a short interview with Ame Alvarez, a Pitman High School eleventh grade student, regarding the red carpet event prior to the Oscars ceremony, the question was asked:
“What was your initial reaction when you saw Megan Thee Stallion arrive at the red carpet? What did you think of her gown?”


Alvarez replied: “I was shocked and completely taken by surprise. Knowing that the Oscars is typically attended by actors, directors, filmmakers, and those involved in the film industry, Megan Thee Stallion didn’t cross my mind when I watched the red carpet arrivals. Nonetheless, Megan’s dress was absolutely stunning. I loved the design and how the skintight style fit her body figure; it seemed to really bring out the confidence in her.


Though there were many beautiful outfits during the red carpet walk, there were also some let down looks. There is a long list of celebrities who were found wearing questionable pieces, but only two of those people will be mentioned.


To start off the list, Billie Eilish was captured wearing an off the shoulder, black ruffled dress which dragged along the floor. At first glance, Billie Eilish’s dress looked similar to a black garbage bag due to the oversized fit. There’s no fun in wearing an oversized piece of clothing, since it’s hard to keep on one’s body and if it were dragging on the ground, then the material could possibly tear. Not to mention, the bottom of the dress would be covered with dirt or trash left on the floor.


A junior from Pitman High School, Venize Llena, was asked the following question regarding Eilish’s dress: “What were your thoughts when noticing what Billie Eilish was wearing at the Oscars? What made you think that?”


Llena responded with: “Based on what [Billie Eilish] wore, I think her fashion designers could have done a better job at capturing her personality. ”


Next, there’s H.E.R., also known as Gabi Wilson, who showed up to the Oscars wearing a bright yellow, multi-layered gown. Just like Billie Eilish’s choice of wardrobe, H.E.R.’s dress dragged along the floor beside her. Unfortunately, the clothing did not flatter the celebrity whatsoever perhaps because of the different layers. The dress also resembled a yellow bed sheet since it had no pattern nor texture. In addition to the bed sheet comparison, the piece’s hem was shown in front of H.E.R.’s body.


Although there were interesting choices of fashion presented at the Academy Awards, it was still a marvelous event for both the celebrities and audiences at home. Hopefully most of the audience at home and the attendees enjoyed themselves while witnessing those that earned Oscar awards.