Anything but a Backpack Day Lands Students in the Dean’s Office


Madiha Haideri (9th), Editor

Today, Friday 29th, is Anything But a Backpack Day and has caused chaos among students and staff at Pitman High School. Many students showed their creativity; showing up with things like a canoe, Captain America’s shield, baby strollers, shopping carts and more.  However, the school doesn’t seem to be happy with the students nor this day. Without the 2nd period bell even ringing to begin class, teachers got emails telling them to send students participating in Anything But a Backpack to the office. Students are complaining that it’s ridiculous that their items are being confiscated; the school’s Dean of students – Natalie Sylvia – saying “go with the flow” and they are being told to pick them up at the end of the day. Is this day really more distracting than Halloween costumes or themed dress-up weeks? While kids are allowed to wear extravagant costumes on Halloween, they are now being called into the office for putting their school items in something other than a backpack. 


A few months ago Turlock High School had the Anything But a Backpack Day as part of a dress-up week with no major issues…so why is Pitman High School being so strict?