Lizzie Borden Case


Cionna Washington (9th), Reporter

Lizzie Andrew Borden was an American women who was acquitted on August 4, 1892 of the murders of her father Andrew Jackson Borden and her stepmother Sarah Anthony Borden in Fall River, Massachusetts.


Borden lived with her stepmother, father,m and sister, but the family did not get along with each other. However the parents were super rich and L. Borden started wondering where the inheritance would go. Who was going to get the money? She was afraid that her stepmother would get all the inheritance and the property. Because of this, she waited for her dad to leave, went upstairs, and brutally murdered her stepmother by hitting her 19 times is the head with an axe.


After L. Borden killed her stepmother. She waited for her father to get back to do the same thing to him. The only person at the house at the time was a maid named Bridget Sullivan, but they called her Maggie. She stood up for L. Borden in court, some people believe she did this for the cut of the money but felt guilty afterwards. They both ended up getting let go with no charges and living the rest of their lives not having to go to jail.  Something else that people found strange is that the axe was found in the basement, and since the police at the time weren’t familiar with murders they actually let people from around the town touch the weapon.


There is a lot of evidence that proves L. Borden was the murderer. For example, just a few days before the murders, L. Borden attempted to buy poison and a few days later she allegedly burned a dress with a blood looking stain in a stove. Since she didn’t get along with her father and stepmother, she was afraid that she wouldn’t get any of the heritance. She had also told her friend that something was going to happen to her parents a few days prior to the murders. There was also a rumor that L. Borden’s father killed her pigeons with an axe and believe it or not, both he and his wife were murdered with an axe.


Others speculate that the uncle, John Morse, knew about the inheritance and was in on the murders and also thought that L. Borden didn’t kill her parents with her own hands. They believed that L. Borden and Morse hired a hitman to kill her parents, but the person they hired had to have been a family friend because S. Borden didn’t have any defense wounds on her body which indicates she knew/recognized her killer.  A. Borden was asleep on the couch when he was hit 10 times, therefore, he didn’t have any defensive wounds either. 


YouTuber Sam and Colby recently went to the house where the murders happened with their friends.  One friend named Amanda Raye, stated that, “It was John Morse, no doubt.”


Even though there was so much evidence pointing toward L. Borden, she was not charged and the case went unsolved. To this day people are still trying to figure out what happened and who committed this terrible act.