How School Isn’t Participating


Maressa Vizcaino-Rios, Reporter

High school only comes once, and when you hear anyone older talk about high school, a common thing they say is “make the best of it.” The advice given is always along the lines of how we should take advantage of this time and participate while we can. Although how can we participate if we aren’t informed? While many kids typically don’t participate until their senior year, it’s a benefit to know what’s going on prior to the event to be prepared. Providing these students with necessary resources is a problem that needs to be solved, students should have convenient access to school event dates. After interviewing a student from Pitman High School, these were his thoughts and suggestions.

How often are you aware of upcoming events?

“I only hear about events through friends, which are usually from ASB. Other than that I don’t usually hear about them.”

Do you think this is something that the school needs to work on?

“100%. Sports other than football and basketball don’t get much hype, they need to promote other sports as much as they do with football and basketball.”

What other ways do you think they can promote upcoming events?

“I think that they should start doing morning announcements, I’m not too sure why they don’t do it in the first place. Another thing is maybe having a homeroom for maybe around 10 minutes when school starts just to go over events that week or coming soon.”

School doesn’t need to only consist of learning and doing homework, but it can also be a place to have fun and make memories with your friends; school activities can help make that happen. This year, both Powder Puff and the school’s talent show were canceled due to a lack of participation. Hopefully cancellation for lack of participation doesn’t happen again next year or following school years.  One way you can stay on top of upcoming events is by following @pitmanpride and @pitmanasb on Instagram. Students should continue to promote events and can remain up to date through the suggestions mentioned during the interview, the morning announcements, teachers’ Remind messages, and even the bulletin board.