Indoors vs. Outdoor Rally


Madiha Haideri (10th), Editor-in-Chief

Last year was crazy not only because of all the things that we weren’t able to do because of Covid, but also because of the things we did differently. Prime example: the  welcome back rally. Last year, we had the rally outside due to Covid protocols. While the Green Team did their best to keep students involved, many students might’ve felt disengaged and maybe even bored. However, this year, the rally was inside the Gym, which is how it had been before Covid happened. So what do the students think about that? 

Because of the fact that being in the gym was much louder and (most) students didn’t have to sit on the ground, some students say the vibes were better this year. While other students would argue the fact that the gym was too full, too loud and some students were sitting on the ground.

So which is it? Was the rally better last year when everyone was outside, or was it better this year since it was done the OG way? To figure it out, I interviewed two people; ASB Advisor Mrs. Jeans and Sophomore Jeannea Gonzales who attended both last year and this year’s rallies. 

Jeans was asked about her opinion on the rallies; which one was better and why. She responded with “Last year we did the best that we could with rallies being outdoors, I really liked the Hoopscoming rally on the field, it was fun because it was something that we had never tried before. Nothing is better than a rally in the gym though, with ALL of the school together and chanting and cheering along and the band in there and the games, the energy is awesome!

I then asked Jeans what makes the rallies so special and what she would say to the kids who dislike them, and she said “Our Welcome Back rally is a positive way to start the year. It was exciting to see the freshmen class this year bring excitement, I was proud of them for getting into the chants! Anyone who dislikes the rallies I would say, get involved! Let ASB know that you want to be part of the games. High school is what you make of it and the more experiences that you open yourself up to, the more memories you will make and the more fun you will have.”

To get another perspective, I asked a student about her opinion on the rallies. Gonzales said “I believe this year was much better. Mostly due to the air conditioning inside and finally being able to hear what they were saying inside the gym. Also, being in the gym gives a sense of collectiveness since most of us could see each other. And over all, the gym rally seemed more prepared.

So there it is people! That’s Jeans and Gonzales’s response and opinions. As for mine, the rally feels better and more engaging when indoors. Not only because the noise is part of the fun but also because we don’t have the sun burning our backs while we try to suffer through the rally outdoors. When it comes to things like school rallies, what can I say, indoors is just the way to go.