Halle Bailey: The Little Mermaid 2023

Halle Bailey: The Little Mermaid 2023

Gabi Vasquez (12th), Marketing Editor

Disney announced that there will be a Little Mermaid live action coming out in the midst of May. Fans speculate who the beautiful and harmonic mermaid will be, several are upset at the fact that Ariel’s character has had a mild change. With her hair, and skin color changing from the original animation.

Famous singer, Halle Bailey recently got the main part as Ariel in the movie, The Little Mermaid. The trailer was announced September 10th, 2022, sharing with the audience the familiar song artist, Halle Bailey, got the lead role. 

 Several people oppose the idea of Halle Bailey’s main role. Racism plays a huge role in this controversy. There are many groups on Facebook mocking the actor with racial stereotypes for a Disney movie that was originally an animation. 

 Originally in the animation, Ariel the mermaid is a young Danish girl with long red hair. With racism coming into play with everything in the world, it was bound to happen with Bailey’s character. With only a teaser trailer being released, there are still speculations on what the movie is going to include. 

I was able to catch an interview with a student from Pitman High school, (SENIOR) Sivianna Oushana. 

What do you think of the whole drama surrounding Halle Bailey’s character?

“Halle Bailey is a beautiful song artist and actor. Her voice is outstanding and looks perfect as the mermaid she plays. I believe that all the drama surrounding Bailey doesn’t really make sense. Everything going on online with the different memes and mocking the actor is totally inappropriate and should never happen to someone.“

What I find crazy is how only the teaser trailer was released, and not even the official trailer. How people reacted tells a lot about us as a society, and it deeply saddens not only me, but several other people.

In the sneak peek trailer, it showed her singing the well-known song, “Part of Your World” from the original movie, and it completely made me shiver. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and so is the character she portrays. I am really excited to watch this movie. I love live-action Disney movies regardless of what the original animation was like . Considering the fact that Halle Bailey is known to be a song artist, I can’t wait to hear her vocals. 

Overall, I believe that the trailer was amazing, and I’m totally excited to watch it. The Little Mermaid has always been a favorite movie of mine, so seeing that it’s being made in live action makes me feel very elated!