Is Music a Distraction While Studying?

Is Music a Distraction While Studying?

Nick Ashak (11th), Reporter

Many people have their own ways of studying for assignments or working on them in general. Most people do not like distractions and prefer quiet noise. Others, however, can say they enjoy listening to music claiming that it helps them focus better. Obviously, everyone is different, but does this method actually work?

According to many sources on the internet, it actually is… and isn’t. Music is a very diverse thing and there are many different kinds of music you can listen to. According to sources, if you want to listen to music, do not play music with lyrics. Your mind will be thinking about the lyrics more than the other things you need to focus on. If you do listen to music, it is recommended it should be slow and instrumental music, not crazy upbeat music. 

It is also recommended to listen to songs that you are not familiar with. Playing your favorite song while studying for your math test will most likely have you screaming the lyrics then trying to analyze your homework. When you do listen to any music, however, avoid commercials on it if you can. If your brain is locked in while listening to the slow and classical music while studying, you don’t want some random advertisement coming in and getting you out of your zone. 

Classical/slow music actually is an advantage to most people and to me personally. It is proven to help stress, and that it is better to listen to that type of music because music with lyrics will distract you. I actually listen to slow instrumental music while studying and it keeps me locked in on my assignment.

As much as music can help at the end of the day, some of my friends do not think so.

I interviewed my 2 friends who’re juniors at Pitman, Lilyana and Angelina, and they both think music while doing homework is very distracting and they prefer 100% quietness while doing homework. 

At the end of the day, everyone takes things differently, but if you ever need a good method to help study, I recommend slow music or just quietness instead of any type of distractions.