Is Netflix Glamorizing Serial Killers?

Is Netflix Glamorizing Serial Killers?

Madiha Haideri (10th), Editor-in-Chief

Netflix has got some very interesting and gruesome serial documentaries. Some of which, many would argue, are there to excuse the serial killer’s actions. They are portrayed as people who are vulnerable and helpless who did not mean to do any harm, but instead, their situations forced them to commit multiple homicides in their lifetime. 

The recent show on Netflix named ‘Dahmer’ is a prime example of this. Whether Netflix wanted to make it look like he was just mentally ill or not, it seems like they did. Many watchers remark on how the killer is made to look like he was helpless and was not in his right mind when committing these homicides. 

When I watched the show, I noticed that when Dahmer was sentenced to jail, he and his father were given an extended amount of time for a heartfelt moment. Yet when the families of the victims were called to say things to the court, I thought it was very choppy and not remotely as emotional as it should’ve been. 

Another show in Netflix about Ted Bundy is also portrayed to make him look like a handsome man which completely overshadows all the people that he murdered. Many watchers, specially adolescents, tend to find these people attractive therefore looking past their horrible acts of murder. Granted the actor plays a huge role in these kinds of scenarios, but without even realizing it, these kids tend to ignore the real deal and gravitate towards the actors’ looks. These documentaries should be there to educate people about the horrendous acts of certain individuals, not as fun films meant to entertain the audience. 

Here is what Megan Schweitzer, a Pitman High sophomore who has seen ‘Dahmer’ had to say when asked about her opinion on Netflix and whether she thinks it’s glamorizing serial killers. “I am not quite sure because the Jeffrey Dahmer story was the only serial killer show that I watched on Netflix, however they did try to glorify Dahmer in the end. But I don’t know if Netflix does that with their other serial killer shows.”

At the end of the day, Netflix has a huge audience and many people, including myself, think that they should try to do a little better when it comes to sensitive and gruesome topics such as serial killers. And while I think that, I also urge adolescents to not see these men as anything but what they are: insane.