Pressure of school

Pressure of school

Davina Hernandez (9th), Reporter

I was doing a social experiment about school pressure. I didn’t realize how much of an impact school has on our mental health. I started to research this topic and it was shocking how much of an impact schools have in our lives.  People are stressed and tired. I’ve talked to people as it will show below about the pressure it has in our lives and how emotionally stressed we are and how the school doesn’t see it at all and they don’t even care. Here are some people who were willing to be in my article.


-A: While I am a new student doesn’t mean that I haven’t felt pressured these last couple weeks I feel like the school doesn’t give enough attention to new students when you are new it feels like every teacher is against you because they’re giving you old and new assignment left and right and they expect you to be able to do everything and it’s not fair because you already moved you have no new friends and you have all these teachers who need you to catch up on everything but students in general teachers still expect so much and our mind is challenged everyday we don’t need more work we need more help understanding.¨


Sadly this was the one student I got, so I thought of  asking teachers this time since they do it every day every year. 


Mister norris:¨ This is my second year teaching and I’m still completing my Teaching Credential while working full time to be able to keep my position once my credential is complete but Though there are many aspects of the job that can be stressful what takes the most of my energy is planning quality lessons for all of my classes with appropriate accommodations for all students. I often stay at work late to get my plans ready for the next days classes and rehearsals. Often I am continuing to work until 10pm each night just to prepare for the next day of work. I wouldn’t consider any part of my job the “worst” but there are many elements of a school day you cannot predict fully. Students can be absent, a fire alarm may go off, the internet may be down when I have a tech-heavy lesson plan, a behavioral issue may need to be addressed in the middle of a class period. Expecting the unexpected is something I’m learning how to be better at every day. Flexibility is such a big part of being a teacher but there’s not really a way to get better at it besides trying and coming up short some days.This year I have 96 students across 5 class periods, Beginning Drama and Advanced Drama. There is certainly a lot of pressure with being a teacher, we are tasked with teaching content and also caring for the social and emotional needs of our students. That said, the pressure of this job is not purposeless, the work we do as teachers is incredibly valuable and has the power to create lasting impact on the lives of every individual we have the privilege to teach. It’s not an easy job, but I don’t think anyone goes into the profession expecting it to be. We go into this work because we care about the future generations and want to be part of making a positive impact.¨  


Mister Jigour: ¨I have been a teacher for 13 years actually but The least enjoyable part of teaching is dealing with grades Grades are necessary  but time consuming to process  and they are a source of conflict between students  parents  and teacher Although I do not deal with student discipline every day, it is certainly not enjoyable fun fact i have 130 students its very stressful¨