Senior Teacher Spotlight (Ms. Mackey)

Senior Teacher Spotlight (Ms. Mackey)

Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

Ms. Mackey is a senior English teacher at Pitman High school. I think Ms. Mackey is an amazing teacher here at Pitman and I wanted to shine a spotlight on her. I asked her a few questions that I thought most of her students would like to know about her.


“Did you choose to teach seniors? If yes, why?” 

She said you don’t get to choose the exact grade you teach, you’re hired by the school then they give you a grade to teach or sometimes options. “I was hired then given the choice to teach seniors or juniors, I had not taught either grades so I just stuck with seniors.” 


“How long have you been teaching ? What schools?” 

“I have been teaching for 9 years overall.” This is Ms. Mackey’s 3rd year teaching at Pitman High but she also taught at Central Valley High School for 2 years and Whitmore Charter for 4 years. 


“Do you like teaching at pitman ? why or why not?” 

“I love teaching at Pitman.” She said the staff is really nice and friendly. She loves hanging out and being close with all the Pitman staff. She also said, “Administration is great and always so supportive.” 


“Do you like teaching seniors? Why or why not?

 Ms. Mackey says that she loves all the students at pitman and the ones she has had throughout the years she has been here. “It’s cool to get to know yall!” She also said it’s hard with seniors because it’s our last year at the school so when we graduate and go off to college we don’t come back and visit and say hi. “It’s a bittersweet grade to teach.” 


“What is some Advice you have for your students this year?” 

She simply said, “ Make good choices, and have a great year.”