The Upperclassmen ASB Team

The Upperclassmen ASB Team

Madiha Haideri (10th), Editor-in-Chief

New year brings new people. Especially in elections! With this year being their last, let’s ask how the senior President and Vice President plan to end their high school years! 

Megan Hall was elected as the Senior President and Dylan Freeman as the VP. While Freeman wasn’t able to make it to the interview, Hall was asked about the inspiration in running as the President this year. She said, “My inspiration was my grandfather. He was the President for his senior class.” She added, “I was the secretary the past two years and I wanted more authority, I guess, so this year I ran for President.” 

Hall was asked about her visions and goals for this year as President, considering it her last in high school, and this is what she had to say: I want to get more students involved. The past two years, there hasn’t been that much spirit. I remember when I was a freshman, the senior class was full of spirit. They were always dressing up and getting involved in school activities. And I want to make the senior class this year exactly that!”

Some great ideas and goals from our senior President, now moving on to Junior class VP because the President could not make it to the interview. Junior VP, Abigail Diaz, was asked about her inspiration behind running this year, and her response, in a nutshell was this: “I wanted to be more involved and make my high school year better!” Later, when asked if she had any plans/visions/goals this year as VP, she said, “The spirit has been lost ever since Covid so I just want to bring back the lost spirit and do fun activities! I want students to be more involved with everyone around them!”

The Senior and Junior class seem to have a good idea about what they want to achieve this year as ASB officers. Looking forward to all the fun activities they are planning to host!