Christmas Gift Ideas


Cionna Washington (10th), Reporter

Ever had a hard time finding the perfect gift for christmas? Well I’m here to help find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, no matter what your budget is! Some homemade gifts for women and/or anyone are a sugar scrub, gift box filled with all of the person’s favorite snack/ hygiene care. For last minute buys you could get a new makeup brand/perfume, name brand clothing or some new jewelry. For men (or anyone), some store bought items you could get are cologne/shaving kits, a watch, tickets to their favorite game or comedy show, or name brand clothing or shoes. Now for teenagers, we all know it is difficult to shop for things they actually like and would use. For some teenagers that are really into room decor you could get them a CD rug or vintage/ trendy decor. For some that are interested in fashion you could get them trendy name brand clothing/shoes. Some other gifts you could get are concert tickets, a new phone. For children you get them board games/toys or new drawing kits/coloring books. For homemade gifts you could make them a blanket with their favorite characters/colors. 

I asked my mom Laura Galvez “Is it difficult to buy gifts for your kids? Why?”

She stated “Yes, because they change up styles of clothing often and there are too many new trends coming and going. Kids tend to want what their friends have and money isn’t always available for those.”

I also asked Anacristina Contreras, a sophomore at Pitman High, “Do you usually get gifts for your friends on Christmas, if so what is so difficult about it?” She said “I get presents for my friends sometimes, but I think the hard part is finding something they actually like, even if I know the person well I’m still having the thought that if they think it’s cheap or pricey.”