Gabi Vasquez (12th), Marketing Editor

Famous song artist, Joji released another new album! This new one is called Smithereens. The album features songs pre-released like Glimpse of Us and Yukon Interlude. 

I was not expecting another album by Joji. After being MIA for 2 years, he managed to surprise us with 2 new albums, and countless teaser videos.

While his album only has 9 songs which makes it a total of 24 minutes, the album is definitely breathtaking. Joji let us know that he dropped his YouTube Personality, Filthy Frank and is pushing forward with professional music making. 

For this article, I’ll be talking about a few of the songs, and how they create a story. 

Like every other album, Smithereens tells a story. In Glimpse of Us, he sings about being obsessed with someone although he’s in a different relationship. “Why then, if she’s so perfect, do I still wish that it was you”? He’s not completely over his past partner and still reminisces the times they had as he is with someone else.

In Before the Day is Over, Joji struggles with his emotions. “Say something soon, we might lose it all”, Joji shared that if nothing is said, then their relationship will fumble.

“I can’t take another day, I could go insane”. Joji can’t control his emotions.

Lastly, in 1AM Freestyle, the last of the track, and only 2 minutes long, Joji sings about how he doesn’t want to be left alone. With a melodic tune, Joji shares, I’ve been playing memories in my mind, wishing you were there like all the time, so I’m not alone” plays the lyrics. 

I interviewed a friend of mine, Jojo Morales.

What  do you think about Joji’s new album, Smithereens?

“The album has several meanings… When Glimpse of Us came out, it’s basically reflecting from the past till now, explaining how its been a tough road with mistakes “

Can you compare Smithereens to other releases? Which one is your favorite? How are they different?

“It’s not very different from his other albums, though throughout it, he seems to be breaking out of a loop that kept him continually thinking for long periods of time. Joji is heading somewhere with his different music from years ago.”

Overall, I will always think Joji is an amazing artist. With a biased opinion, but also unbiased. Considering he’s my favorite artist, I’m able to enjoy absolutely everything he puts out for his fans, regardless of what it is. As for the fact that I love music and can listen to anything, it’s still amazing. The way any artist can tell a story throughout an album always astonishes me.