Staff Spotlight: Angelica Mora


How long have you been working at pitman?

“I started working at Pitman January 2022! I’m rather new to my position.”

What does a typical day look like to you?

” A typical day! I would say the busiest time is in the mornings where we have a rush of students checking in , turning items in, questions, etc. It slows down a bit and I’m able to catch up until lunchtime again. I take calls, help parents out as they come in, with attendance primarily, plus counseling and our deans offices, imputing data, translating in Spanish and taking enrollments sometimes. Some days are a little wild, some days are steady but I really enjoy what I do here and the students definitely make it fun!”

What is your favorite movie and why?

“My favorite movie … well I don’t think I have one in specific, but any thriller, suspense, or action movies are my faves.”

What is the weirdest dream you have had?

“Ooh, I think one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had are those when I’m somewhere I’ve never been before. How does my mind come up with that?!”

What does your life look like in five years?

“My life in 5 years…good question! I plan to attain my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and becoming an elementary school teacher, teaching little ones. Also, traveling a lot more, spending time with my loved ones and getting a puppy!”