Top Christmas Gifts of 2022

Top Christmas Gifts of 2022

Kalea Betancourt (11th), Reporter

Didn’t catch that Black Friday deal? Missed Cyber Monday? Don’t worry because we’ve got the top trending Christmas gift ideas for you!

First up we’ve got personalized gifts such as glass art, letter necklaces, engraved jewelry, and customized mugs, blankets, and more to have a saying or name on it. 

A lot of these personalized gifts you can get from Etsy or other individual selling websites, which will help support small businesses during the holiday seasons. These have been popular among couples and friends lately and you can pick whatever song or picture you’d like! 

Next up, a brand of loveable, huggable, and collectable stuffed animals called Squish mallows are highly popular among teens and kids this year. With a range of sizes, colors, animals, and designs, Squish mallows are the perfect gift for your inner-child. These come from sizes so small as a keychain up to a jumbo 35” plushie. 

Popular on social media, Sunset lamps and Moon lamps are sweeping the market for aesthetic room décor. A radiant, multicolored, lamp giving the appearance of a summer sunset in your room puts the mind at ease. Moon lamps create a calm environment, some change color and you can hang them up to give the illusion of a starry night sky on the ceiling. 

Another popular gift, for those who may struggle trying to style their hair or are just looking for something new, the Dyson Air-Wrap might be just the thing. The Airwrap uses air flow to attract hair and safely wrap it around the heating rod without having to burn your fingers. This is one of the top trending products for hair styling on the market right now, however it does weigh in at $599.99 on the Dyson website. 

For something a little more on the affordable side, Scentbird subscriptions are popular right now for those who want to try different scents of perfumes without committing to one big bottle. You can buy a few months subscription as a gift, each month costs $16.95, and comes with an 8mL bottle of designer perfume tailored to your liking. 

Another subscription box that the chef in the family might enjoy is HelloFresh. The serving price depends on what plan you choose, but HelloFresh will send you as many meal kits you desire each month. Each one comes with fresh ingredients and a step by step recipe on how to make wonderful meals from One-Pan Spanish Chicken, to Pork Katsu with ginger rice. There are even vegetarian and pescatarian options!!