College In or Out of State

College In or Out of State

Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

College is a big topic right now for all seniors. These next couple months we are picking the colleges we want to apply to. Many people know exactly which college they want to go to, but many of us don’t know if we want to stay in California or not. There are over 281 universities in California and people come from all over just to attend these colleges. There are also so many amazing colleges outside of California that would be perfect for so many people to attend based on what they would like to major in.

The most common colleges for most people who live around Turlock are MJC, UC Merced, and CSU Stanislaus. But many students want to get out of their comfort zone and go to new states and meet new people. Let’s hear what a couple of seniors here at Pitman High School have to say!

I am currently a senior here at Pitman and I have always known where I wanted to go and that I want to stay in California for college. I will be attending MJC (Modesto Junior College) for 2 years then transferring to California State East Bay Hayward. This college is in Hayward which is 30 minutes away from San Francisco. I chose to stay in California because I want to be close to family, friends and my boyfriend. I want to be able to visit as much as I can.  

The first person I interviewed was Monica Candeco, a senior. I started off by asking “Which college/ colleges do you plan on applying to?“ She replied with, “I’m applying to CSUS Stanislaus in Turlock, California, to major in liberal studies.” Candeco said she picked this college because it’s local and both of her older sisters attended the same college. “Stan also has a good teaching program and it is not as expensive.” 

I then asked, “Why did you choose a college inside of California instead of one out of state?” She said she chose a college in the state because of the expenses. “Since I don’t have a job, I would have to rely on my parents so I wouldn’t want them spending too much money.” She also said a couple years after she gets a job she can be financially stable and would be open to moving somewhere out of state. 

The next person I interviewed was Monica Briones, a senior. I started off by asking, “Which colleges do you plan on applying to?” Briones said the only college she plans on going to is MJC here in California. 

“Why do you want to go to this college in the state?” She replied with, “Its cheaper and closer to my support system.” She also said the area is familiar so even though she is making a big adjustment next year with school, the location won’t be something to worry about. 

The last question I asked was, “Would you consider going to an out of state college?” She said she definitely did consider going to a college out of state for a long time. “I realized that at my core, I am a Californian, and I’m most comfortable here.” 

The last person I interviewed was Monet Sayadian, also a senior. Just like before I asked “What colleges are you planning on applying to?” She said, “I am applying for MJC, CSUS Stanislaus, ASU (Arizona State University), and 2 other colleges.” Sayadian said that Stanislaus is her safe school but her plan is to go to a  community college either MJC or one in Arizona then she wants to transfer to ASU. 

“Why are you excited or scared to go to an out of state college?” She said she is scared to leave but she knows she has to move away at some point and start her life. “It’s extremely scary and stressful, but I’m sure I will get used to it.”