The Down Sides of Plastic Surgery

The Down Sides of Plastic Surgery

Sophia Gomez (10th)

Cosmetic surgery, the procedure of plastic surgery that involves surgical and non surgical procedures, may seem like a quick and simple solution to improve your physical appearance or erase a few years off your appearance. But in reality, there are many risks you are taking with going through with the procedure.


There are many factors to consider before signing yourself away. So if you or someone you know are ever considering cosmetic surgery, this article highlights the cons of cosmetic surgery. 


Expectations: Any kind of cosmetic surgery can leave you dissatisfied and regretting your decision. When going through with the procedure expect improvement, not perfection. And unfortunately, after undergoing the surgery, the outcome may be worse than expected.


Risks: There could be post-operative issues including excessive bleeding or an infection at the surgical site. Additionally, there is a high risk of infection following cosmetic procedures, particularly in unhygienic circumstances. It’s possible for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to damage the wounds and cause major issues that could have long-term effects.


Expenses: One of the most costly procedures is cosmetic surgery. For only one, prices might reach tens of dollars. Most health insurance companies do not provide coverage for cosmetic surgery. The price might range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the procedure.


Recovery Downtime: When your medical care is over, you can anticipate returning home to continue your rehabilitation. Depending on the precise treatment you underwent, this recuperation time can last anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. Nevertheless, this need may be inconvenient, particularly for those with extremely busy schedules.


Nerve Damage: There is a risk of nerve damage during a wide range of surgical operations. Following plastic surgery, tingling and numbness are frequent side effects that may indicate nerve injury. Though it seldom happens, nerve injury can occasionally become permanent.


Complications of Anesthesia: The use of medicines to keep you unconscious is known as anesthesia. Patients are able to have surgery without experiencing any pain. Complications from general anesthesia can occur occasionally. These include heart attacks, strokes, lung infections, and demise. Although extremely unusual, anesthesia awareness—waking up during surgery—is nevertheless conceivable.


Plastic surgery complications are typically uncommon and affect less than 1% of outpatient surgeries. It is important that you do thorough research and also weigh the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery before deciding to go forward with the procedure. Additionally, you ought to look into the hospital where your procedure will be operated. Stay safe!