Collaborations on Campus

Collaborations on Campus

Simar Kaur (12th), Editor

Track and Field and the Drama Department are collaborating with the welding department on campus to build storage carts for hurdles and set pieces for the upcoming spring season. Hurdles can cost up to $400-$700! Due to the price, Track decided to collaborate with Welding to have their carts made from scratch! Similarly, Drama is collaborating with Welding to build crates and barrels for their upcoming production of Peter and the Starcatcher.

Let’s hear from Mr.McCabe, track and field coach, to see what he thinks about this collaboration. 

 How did this partnership come about?

“We needed an option for storage because the hurdles take up a lot of space. They were over $180 each when new a few years ago so keeping them in good condition was a priority. Because we also do not have a dedicated space, like under the bleachers of a stadium, they have to be moved around a lot. There had to be a better way to spend our money and make it last and stretch as far as possible, So we calculated the metal and wheels and paint to be around $650 bucks…that saved us almost 75% of what it would have cost us! It’s a win-win in working together!” said Mr.McCabe.

Is there anything you would like the readers to know? 

“ Fiscal responsibility. When you can cut costs and spend more money on more things, especially student athletes, we then can actually have money to spend on students. I would rather spend money on athletes than having to spend it on supplies. 2. Working together. There are so many ways in life we can work together towards a common goal.Get off the phones and earbuds, talk to new people, make new friends, life is good!”

 Do you think this could be something that happens more often in the future? If so , why?

“We actually have a few other things that need to be done. Either we buy them or see if they are buildable. I haven’t asked him yet (maybe he will read this lol) but making a moving storage container over our pole vault/high jump pit would help alleviate the room we would have to have to store these huge pieces in the summer. BUT those carts brand new are like 10,000-13,000 BUT if it was something that was a mutual interest and we could save some money to put BACK into the lives of our students on campus. That’s a win. “

The Drama department is also having some crates and ship cargo made for their upcoming production of Peter and the Starcatcher. The welding department has been a great help to the department for a while. They have helped with storage as well as other set pieces. 

Welding is something that is used everywhere. From the door in front of you to the desk you’re sitting at, everything is welded. Welding is essential to our livelihood. Let’s hear what Mr.Kepms, Pitman Ag teacher, has to say about this partnership.

How do you feel about partnering up with both track and drama?

“I think it’s great that other departments are supporting each other on campus! It gives our students great opportunities to apply the many skills they learn in the class/shop. We’ve also done projects for the district farm, the PE dept and maintenance. I’d like to extend my offers to anyone on campus that may need anything. My students would love to help.”

What’s the process from start to finish to make the hurdles and the set pieces?

“Odi started with creating a blueprint and a materials list for what was needed to complete the project. Once approved by me, Odi ordered the necessary supplies and started the project. Odi lays out and cuts each piece of metal and tacks it together, insuring it is square and accurately cut. After double checking for accuracy, he welds all the joints and lastly blends the exterior welds with an angle grinder. Lastly, we prep the carts for paint by wire-wheeling and wiping them down with acetone before spraying with acrylic paint.

Luke Shwartz is the project lead for the Drama project. He coordinated with Mr. Norris on dimensions and is doing the process as Odi did for his project.”

This fusion is exactly what brings love to our campus. There is not a better way to utilize the resources on campus that benefit all departments involved. We love this fusion on campus and can’t wait to see what else Pitman has in store!