Student Spotlight: Lilly Avalos (12th)

Student Spotlight: Lilly Avalos (12th)

Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

What are your plans after high school? 

“I just signed to Vanguard University on January 17th and I will continue my education and wrestling career there for 4 years then pursue my masters. I’ll be going through with a bachelor’s degree. I´ll then go on to pursue my masters to get a specialization.”

How did you get involved in wrestling? How long have you been wrestling? 

“It started off with me roughhousing with cousins and daycare friends when one day a friend suggested I try wrestling. I had to convince my parents for a year to get me to try out, as of now I have been wrestling for 8 years 4 years before high school and the 4 years we have been in high school.”

If you weren’t involved in wrestling what other sports do you think you would have played? And have you done any other sports?

“Other than wrestling I have done Jiu- jitsu, soccer, and gymnastics. If my main sport wasn’t wrestling, I would have stuck with gymnastics as my main sport.”

What is some advice you’d give to underclassmen or the younger students in general? 

“Don’t worry about how you’re expected to live but rather the way you want to live. There is a difference between surviving and living. Live life to the fullest and do the things that make you the happiest.” 

What is something people don’t know about you?

“Even with my success I have faced many obstacles, difficulties and setbacks. It’s been challenging but I have turned the hardships into stepping stones towards success.”