Counting Down the Days Until Graduation 


Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

As of March 1st, the class of 2023 will graduate in 3 months. There are definitely a lot of different feelings about the upcoming graduation, good and bad. I’m sure most of us are so ready to graduate and go off to college – or many other things – but it is also so scary. 


Thinking about graduation has been very scary, but also very exciting because we have been in school for 13 years. We are now getting to leave and go on to bigger things. It’s also a sad thing because most of us are leaving and going to college out of state and we might not see our friends again for a while. 


One person I interviewed was Lily Avalos, a senior here at Pitman. 


How are you feeling about these last couple months until graduation? Avalos said “I’m dreading our high school years ending but I’m very happy with the year I have had. I have made so many friends and have accomplished so much that it’s saddening that it’s all going to be over soon!” 


What things are you excited about that are coming up? Avalos stated, “ I’m excited for events such as prom that is coming up in April and the Disney trip that is on May 24th- 25th. 


Have you been feeling anxious or excited about graduation? “Graduation is a scary  thought for me because it feels like school just started and I’m not ready for it to be over soon,” Lilly said. 


What are your feelings about leaving your friends or having your friends leave for college? Lilly stated that, “I hate that I’m leaving my friends and family behind when I go to college, but I’m certain that when we all come back for breaks we’ll reunite and stay in touch.”


I am also a Senior at Pitman and can say that the fact that I am graduating in 3 months is completely crazy, scary, and cool at the same time. It’s an amazing feeling that after 13 years of school we are finally done (until college). I have always dreamed of the day I graduate and it’s all happening so fast which is scary. 


Everything’s happening so quickly. I got my senior pictures in October, I bought my cap and gown in December, I already bought my Grad Nite at Disney ticket and it’s all feeling so crazy. But overall I think high school has been such an amazing experience and I’m definitely going to miss all my friends that are leaving for college. It’s scary that we are all becoming adults, but I think this next chapter of life will be amazing.