Expectations for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Expectations for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Daniel Ventura (11th), Expectations for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Expectations for the Pittsburgh Steelers

By: Daniel Ventura


Last Sunday marked the Pittsburgh Steelers being eliminated from their chances of making it to the playoffs. In their last week of the regular season, the Steelers beat the already-eliminated Cleveland Browns with a score of 28-14. The game took place at the Steelers stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


The NFL announced the team’s downfall was by the Miami Dolphins beating the New York Jets, 11-6. Before the 18th and final week for the regular NFL season, the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were tied with a record of 8-7. Despite this record, the Dolphins were ahead of the other teams with 980 pct on ESPN. 


The requirements needed for the Steelers to reach the playoffs was that they needed to win their final week game, and the Patriots and Dolphins needed to lose their final week. Week 18 came by and all but one requirement was completed for the Steelers. 


Now that the season is over for the Steelers, what should fans expect for next year? 



Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin claims that the team’s defense is tied up on their defense, especially now that one of their cornerbacks, Cam Sutton, is now a free agent. Cam Sutton was drafted by Pittsburgh in 2017, with an extension after his rookie contract ended worth $9 million over a 2 year span. However, this contract is due to expire after this season


From Playoff Contentions

After two days from their elimination, the Steelers schedule has been announced for 2023. They’ll play their AFC North division rivals Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinnati twice a year, but they will also be playing 9 other teams, which are (list the away game teams and home away teams). 


Mike Tomlin

Head Coach Mike Tomlin has one more season left with Pittsburgh before becoming a free agent. In 2021, Mike Tomlin agreed to a four-year contract with Pittsburgh, guaranteeing that he gains 12.5 million dollars. Since becoming the head coach in 2004, Tomlin has been widely considered one of the best Head Coaches in the NFL, leading the Steelers to a winning record every year in his tenure.


The Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens on Week 17 of the season The final score for the game was 16-13, with Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris scoring the game winning touchdown. How did this happen, you might ask?


During the practice of week 17, Mike Tomlin spoke to the team with a speech of motivation. 


In conclusion, Tomlin’s ability to coach the team and get them straight Mentally and Physically is a major key to success for the organization to try to compete for the playoffs again.


Do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will make the Playoffs in 2024?


I interviewed Pitman High School junior student Matthew Burciaga to answer this question.


“Hey Matthew”, I told Matthew.

“Wassup Daniel!?”, replied Matthew.

I then asked Matthew, “Do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will make the Playoffs next year?”. 

He then answered, “yes”.

“What’s your reasoning?”, I asked.

“Because their Quarterback will improve and because TJ Watt is on their team.” He replied.