Hoopscoming/Formal 2023 at Pitman High School


Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

Many people know what homecoming is; the fun dress up week celebration during football season which goes also with a homecoming dance, a rally and homecoming court which eventually becomes a queen, king, prince and princess. Well, here at Pitman, we do Homecoming just like many other schools but we also have Hoopscoming  which is the same thing but during basketball season. For Hoops Nominees there is one person from each club and sport. Then they partner with another nominee and will walk together. 


Throughout the week of hoops which is January 17th – January 20th, we have dress up days. There are many fun activities at lunch throughout the week for nominees and students to watch. 


Tuesday – Kicking off Hoops (Wearing favorite sports attire, kicks, and jerseys). 

Wednesday– Wildcat wednesday (Dress like a clique from high school musical or a disney plus star).

Wednesday night- Tie Dye themed Hoops Basketball game on wednesday January 18th, with pre-game at 6:30 for students and family to hang out before the varsity game to enjoy food games and music. 

Thursday– Stars from Pitman (Dress like a teacher or coach from pitman).

Friday- Slam Dunk Spirit (Wear your brightest PHS attire). 

Saturday is Pitman’s Starry Winter Night formal! 

This year’s formal is January 21st at the Larsa Banquet hall in Denair. The dance is scheduled from 8PM till 11PM. 

This year’s winter formal was a blast and I think everyone there can say the same. There were so many students there (about 400) which is great for a formal dance. Everyone was on the dance floor all night, the dance even went 12 minutes over. We had an amazing DJ named DJ George who dj´s for almost all of our dances and events. 


I interviewed a senior at Pitman High School and also a Hoopscoming nominee from girls golf, Monet Sayadian. “What do you think about Hoopscoming?” Sayadian said that who’s coming is a very fun way to get people more involved in clubs and sports. “With homecoming only a few people are nominated, but with Hoopscoming more people are nominated, and gives more attention to boys basketball.”


What do you think about the dress up days? Sayadian said she enjoyed the dress up days. My favorite days were sports jersey day and dress like teacher day.” How does it feel to be a nominee for Hoopscoming? “I am honored to be a nominee and supporting girls golf,” stated Monet. Monet said that a lot of work has gone into hoopcoming, and being a nominee. 


The last person in here was Monica Briones, also a senior at Pitman high school. 


“What do you think about Hoopscoming up in high school? Is it fun? or unnecessary?” Briones stated that she thinks Hoopscoming is fine because it serves as a post- finest morale booster for the student body. “It’s one of the most inclusive events we have here on campus”. She also stated that any event that represents the student body as a whole and not just one specific group on campus is great! 


What do you think about the dress up days? “Although dress up days are not my favorite because after a while they start getting repetitive, their phones for those who love to participate and show school spirit” stated Briones.


In conclusion, I feel like a lot of students like Hoopscoming because it’s very involving it with the student body and our campus.