Local Businesses in the Bay Area


Kalea Betancourt (11th), Reporter

We have all experienced the recent weather lately, and for most of us, it’s unpleasant. However for locals in the Bay Area, it’s destroying homes, local businesses, flooding parks and wrecking docks and wharfs. Schools were closed, families were forced to stay indoors, and businesses were shut down. If you have ever been to the Santa Cruz area, you may remember taking walks down the wharf, beach, and boardwalk, however it’s highly unsafe to do so in these weather conditions. 


Locals from Capitola and Santa Cruz sent in these photos to show the damage. 

These colorful buildings are family owned motels and businesses that are completely damaged and flooded. Many people who live in Capitola stated it could take up to a year to fix all of the damage, however many businesses are trying to recover right now. A fundraiser will be held for businesses in this beach city on February 4th. 


Capitola is not the only area affected by these current weather conditions. Many other cities in the Bay Area such as San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz and more have also been affected. Cities with the highest flood risk in California range from coastal areas of San Francisco, to San Bruno and Oakland. These cities faced inches to feet of flooding. A coastal flood advisory had been sent out to many near the coast and to beachfront cities. This advisory expires in 2 days, in hopes that these storms have passed. 


We advise tourists not to visit these areas during these times, not only because it’s dangerous, but locals are trying to flee the area as well. During big wildfires and storms, it makes it very difficult for locals to get out of the area when there are so many tourists trying to come in. However, many locals would appreciate support in funding from afar to help businesses work on coming back into service.  


If you can and are willing to help out, you can access numerous GoFundMe fundraisers in the California Area. You can donate to help rebuild, help with medical expenses for families, or with memorial and funeral costs. You can access fundraisers through GoFundMe at the website link below and you can choose to donate to whichever cause you like. Even if you are unable to donate, sharing a link via Instagram, Messages, or TikTok, I’m sure would help out many locals in these areas.


To help, you can visit: