Why Student Journalism Matters  


Simar Kaur (12th), Editor

Journalism is the art of providing the truth for fellow citizens through news articles and/or televised news. Journalism is so important because it gives a voice to people who normally don’t have one. Journalism also keeps people who have power in-check by putting out honest and truthful data. 


In Turlock,CA, only Pitman High and CSU Stanislaus have a journalism class. Turlock high did have a journalism class years ago, but now they have narrowed it down to a club. Some join Journalism to help them with possible careers and many use it as an outlet to let their creativity flow. They get to write about what they are passionate about, whether that be fashion trends or international news. Let’s see what Mrs.Hall, Pitman High Journalism teacher, has to say about student journalism.

  • Why do you think student journalism matters?

“I think student journalism matters because it is important for students to have a voice and for readers to see what is important to students. I believe student journalism creates a wonderful connection among students and adults – being able to read their work and see a student’s perspective on important issues,” said Hall. 

  • As the Journalism teacher at Pitman High, what do you hope students can take from your class?

“My hope is that students feel comfortable in my class while learning about journalism.  I want students to write about what interests them and guide them to hone their journalistic writing.  I think a journalism class should be focused and fun and I strive to accomplish that each day.”


Personally, as a journalism student at Pitman High, I have learned invaluable skills that I will carry with me forever. Journalism for me wasn’t like any other English class. It was fun. I got to write about things that held importance to me. Some people use social media to voice their opinions and some use speech. For me however, I use writing. Journalism gave me a voice, and I will forever be thankful for that. Let’s see what Madiha Haideri, Pitman Journalism Editor-in-Chief, has to say about student journalism.

  • Why do you think student journalism matters?

Student journalism is a huge part of the student voice on a school campus. Student experiences are what drive a school journalism’s articles; every student is living a different life and going through different things, so what better place to put those ideas and wisdom to use than in a journalism class?”

  • What do you hope to gain or what have you gained from this experience?

“Being in Journalism class has given me the opportunity to write about international matters that are not talked about enough. This class is a really cool place to input your opinion on anything and everything.”

Student journalism is so important for many reasons. First, it allows the community to see through a different perspective. They aren’t used to teenage writers so this might add some spice to their news. Second, it allows students to really connect to their community when writing about local, state or national news.


Student journalism has many positive effects on the writer as well as on the community. Students who don’t have music or sports, use journalism as their creative outlet. It gives a voice to so many teenagers. As a community, we are looking at our future journalists. We also get to see what topics matter to these students and what they have to say about current issues and news.