Pitman Students Summer Plans


Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

School is coming to an end which means it’s almost summer time. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are in school for one hundred eighty days in the year and and sixty-seven days of summer. Seniors are in school for one hundred seventy three days and depending on when our colleges start, we have about eighty-three days of summer. 

Summer is the time we have to hang out with our friends and family, go on trips, get to sleep in and stay up late, and most importantly have a break from school for a while. Since we live in a small town, there is not much to do, but let’s see what some students from Pitman have in mind for their summer plans. 


The first person interviewed was Paige Avila, a junior at Pitman High 


Are you excited for summer? Why or why not? 

“Yes I am very excited for summer because I get to be free everyday and do what I actually love.” 


What are your plans for summer? 

“ I plan on hanging out with my friends a lot over the summer and doing fun activities such as going to the beach and doing fun activities. I am also going to see Taylor swift In July which is what I am most excited for! ” 


The next person I interviewed was Daniela Valencia, a senior here at Pitman High school 


“I am excited for summer because school is my least favorite thing in the world so my joy comes from hanging out with my friends and doing fun activities with them”


“ So far I have a trip to Mexico planned with my moms side of the family. I am also getting my classes for college during the summer. I also plan on sleeping a lot and hanging out with my friends and traveling places. I’m also going to a Taylor Swift concert with my best friend, I’m so excited for that.”


What activities do you recommend for the summer? 


“ I recommend going to the beach and/or pool as much as you can to get the full summer experience and watch the sunrise and sunsets because they are ten times prettier in the summertime.” 


Everyone is so excited for summer and to have a nice long break for school. I hope you all have the best summer ever and can do many fun activities with your friends and family and hopefully you all have a year next school year!