Prom 2023 Review


Makayla Fink (12th), Reporter

How was your experience with prom on the boat 

What were some fun and good things 

What were some things you didn’t like about prom on the boat?


Hard to believe we are so far in the year that we are already done with prom! Pitman is fortunate enough to have a boat every other year for prom. This year 2023 was the year for the boat in San Francisco called the “San Francisco Belle”. Tickets were $165 but was it worth it?…. Absolutely, yes!


Ticket Information 

Ticket sales started in October of 2022 and sales ended on February 24th 2023 

Approximately 584 upperclassmen bought tickets

Including Upperclassmen, other school guests, and underclassmen guests there were approximately 681 students that attended Prom this year 

The ticket paid for the bus (charter bus) ride there and back, the boat, and the food on the boat. 


The dinner Menu 

On the first and second floors there was a buffet dinner:

  • Vegan spring rolls 
  • Moroccan chicken skewers 
  • Maui shrimp rolls 
  • Beef empanada with salsa roja 
  • Green salad 
  • Caesar salad 
  • Orange chicken 
  • Veggie fried rice 
  • Chinese salad 
  • Tri-tip and sweet rolls

And on the 3rd floor was the deserts which included:

  • Fruit salad 
  • 2 types of cakes
  • Blondies 
  • Cookies 
  • Brownies 
  • Cheesecake bites 


Overall the food was good and there were so many options. 


Prom day schedule!

  • We were to report to the school by 2:45pm
  • We waited in line at the school and when we got to the B Building they checked our IDs to see if we were on the list
  • Then we went to an assigned classroom that corresponded with the bus we were assigned to (13 buses total) 
  • We waited in the classrooms till everyone was checked in
  • We then went out and went into the bus we were assigned to
  • We ended up leaving the school at approximately 4:30pm and got to the boat in San Francisco at 6:40pm
  • We all got on the boat by 7pm 
  • Ate, danced and hung out will 11pm
  • We got off of the boat at 11:10pm and started boarding back onto the busses
  • We left to head home around 11:30pm
  • We all got back to the school around 1:30am 



Overall, the prom boat experience was a 10/10. It was super fun to be on a boat and dancing with your friends and hanging out outside and getting to see the city at night time. Let’s hear about some Pitman students’ experiences on the boat. 


One person I interviewed was Hailey Cavigila who is a junior here at Pitman.

How was your experience at prom on the boat?

¨My experience on the boat was very good for the most part, but the music wasn’t that good because it was the same music that we hear at every dance.¨


What was your favorite and least favorite part of the night? 

My favorite part of the night was definitely the view of the city at night and my least favorite part was the food. The salad made my stomach hurt and they didn’t have any orange chicken when I was getting my food, so I could not eat it. The desserts also were too sweet for me,¨ Cavigipa stated.


I also interviewed a senior at Pitman, Monet Sayadian. 

How was your prom experience on the boat? 

“My prom experience on the boat was super fun. It was very different from when we were just at a hall. The view was amazing and it was really cool being on the water,” Sayadian said.


What was your favorite and least favorite part of prom? 

“My favorite part of prom was dancing and looking at the view when we were going under the bridge. My least favorite part was the food, it was not the best.”