Things to do Before College


Simar Kaur (12th), Editor

Many of us are going to be on our own this summer and onwards. For many of us this will be one of the last times you get to spend time with your friends and loved ones. Many of us will go from seeing our friends and family everyday to seeing them after months. So here are a few things you can do with friends and family to always remember the summer after high school.

    1. Make a time capsule. As cringy as it may sound, looking forward 10 years, if you guys are still friends it might be a nice way to look at the way you all have grown and compare where you thought you would be and where you actually might be right now. To do so, take a container of some kind, fill it up with all of your notes, and hide it somewhere you’ll remember. To make it more fun, you can make a map of how to get to your spot with clues. On the notes write things about where you think you’ll be and a core memory from high school.
    2. Host a Bonfire. Grab a couple of friends and go hang out with them at the beach. During this time, everyone can go around saying how they feel in the moment and can talk about memories they made in high school. You can play games and share stores all night long. 
    3. Go on a Road trip. Plan a road trip with friends! Have a destination so you have a place to go. Explore different cities and stop at popular restaurants. Have fun playing different music and playing games while you’re at it. 
    4. Family Vacation! As most of you may be excited to explore the world on your own, your family may want to spend the very little time you have left with you. So, go on a vacation! Whether it’s nearby or far, take a couple days to relax and just be in the present with them.
    5. Go Thrifting. Get a group of friends together and go thrifting. Make a whole day out of it!. Go get breakfast together, carpool and end the night with a nice dinner! Maybe even hit a few bookstores on your way!
    6. Create a Book Club. For all of the book lovers out there, host a book club! Go to a bookstore together and find one book that you like. Then every week, a different member hosts the club wherever they see fit. It can be at home, in the park, the beach, etc. During the book club, have everyone share a little summary of what they read then continue silently reading in everyone’s presence. 
    7. Make dinner with a twist. Have everyone pick either appetizer, entree, desert or drink (More than one person can do each thing) randomly and make whatever you are in charge of from scratch. Enjoy the day cooking together, put a movie on, and have some fun!
  • Group Chat Memories. Create a group chat with your friends and every time you hang out record footage and send it to the chat. Don’t open the videos until the end of summer. When the time comes, sit down and watch all the memories you created over the past summer. 

The summer before college will always be memorable. Have fun and let your guard down. Explore the world with friends and family one last time before heading to college.