Tyler the Creator’s surprise album

Tyler the Creator’s surprise album

Nick Ashak (11th), Reporter

Everyone loves when their favorite – of anything – does something. Whether it is their favorite celebrity starring in a new movie or their favorite class is having an easy day, people enjoy being satisfied with the things that they like. When a music artist with 10s of millions of monthly listeners drops music, especially unexpectedly, this huge fanbase will be extremely pleased. As someone who does listen to a lot of different music, Tyler the Creator being such a versatile and experimental artist makes him one of my favorites, and days ago he unexpectedly dropped his deluxe version of Grammy winning 2021’s Call Me If You Get Lost, titled “the Estate Sale”.


Tyler went mainstream with 2011’s Goblin, an extremely weird, insane, and highly experimental album that set the tone for who he is today. He is known to release an album every 2 years, with 2013’s wild rollercoaster of Wolf, the highly experimental Cherry Bomb in 2015, the shift from extreme rap to chill and relaxed rap mixed with R&B with Flower Boy and Igor in 2017 and 2019, respectively, and a mixture of both with 2021’s Call Me If You Get Lost, my personal favorite. With the 2 year mark of his last work approaching, fans were waiting to see what Tyler would potentially do next. Obviously known for being extremely experimental, fans have been making mock theories for this time on how he could shift his style with his next release. While fans were expecting a whole new album (which could very well still happen this year) many were shocked to see Tyler posting an announcement a week in advance of release saying the throwaway tracks of CMIYGL will be added to a new deluxe version of the album, which will be released on March 31, 2023.


After patiently waiting for the week and having the 2 singles off that deluxe on repeat (Dogtooth and Sorry Not Sorry) Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale was finally released. The deluxe featured 8 new songs (2 being the previously mentioned and 1 being a short interlude) and 3 new features on the album with Vince Staples’ return to music, longtime collaborator and friend of Tyler’s and my personal favorite artist at the moment, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler pulling out his experimental side with rapper YG. 


The deluxe starts with interlude EVERYTHING MUST GO, a quick interlude that sets the tone of the album. The next song is STUNTMAN, with Vince Staples. The song has the energy you think it would from the title, as it is Tyler with his more aggressive side acting like he is better than everyone, with the verses flexing and the chorus repeating “let me show you how to stunt”, reminding everyone that Tyler believes he is cooler and better than you.


The next track, WHAT A DAY, is a perfect song for walking outside on a breezy day. This song is the perfect example of Tyler’s versatility, going from the extreme “STUNTMAN” to getting in his feels in the past here (“I’m so scared of going back to my past; I work, I swear it’s hard not shaking that fear off.”) Despite his desperate attempts for fame back then and now having all the fame he wants, all he wants and desires is peace of mind in this song. He wants the fame, but raps about how he prefers a chill lowkey life and does enjoy his lavish lifestyle, but he wants to stay quiet instead of showing off all the time (“Never had a bulky Richard Millie as a wristwatch, I never seen Amiri, never posted on Tiktok; Just look around, every opportunity allocated; From cold showers, I used to hate it, Now i’m spending fifteen for the new roof, it ain’t renovated; You want the old T? Sorry G, that picture faded”).


The next 2 songs, WHARF TALK, and DOGTOOTH, are back on Tyler’s emotional side again. WHARF TALK is about Tyler wanting to “get lost” with the girl that he loves but he has to fight for her love back (I want you to come get lost with me, Ask you one more time before I tread too deep; A wave’s gonna come, wave’s gonna come, So can you make up your mind?) with an A$AP Rocky verse describing the love the boyfriend here could give to her if she comes (…They see the way I treat her; put a ring up on her finger; I got a new boat, you should come with)


The last 4 on the deluxe, DOGTOOTH, HEAVEN TO ME, BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND and SORRY NOT SORRY are similar to the theme that is going here; Tyler touching on his emotional side and reflecting on the past and his relationships.


I asked my cousin, Elias, someone who listens to him a lot his thoughts about the new album and he claimed it was worth the 2 year wait and cannot wait for more music to be brought out. I agree with him, it was a long review but it is well worth the listen.