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Mental Health and Celebreties


There’s many people who have mental problems. A lot of celebrities struggle badly and fame can sometimes make it worse. In this article I will be mentioning celebrities and their mental health problems and what they’ve had to go through. Selena Gomez is a Celebrity who is an actress and a singer.

 Selena was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, she had to stay in a mental hospital. She said “When I first got out I didn’t know how I’d cope with my diagnosis. What if it happened again, what if the next time I didn’t come back.” Selena also has bipolar disorder, she felt free to have the information about her bi polar disorder and it made her happy because “I started to have a relationship with myself” she said. Talking to her therapist and making music is what can calm her down at times. Selena was filming a documentary called “My Mind and Me” but it had to be stopped because she was hospitalized in 2018 after a nervous breakdown. When performing for people she would have very bad anxiety and a lack of performance at times. 

Taraji P. Henson is an Author, Actress,and an Activist. She struggles with depression and anxiety and she noticed it around 2019 and she really noticed her mood swings. One day she would be up and the next she would be down and she’d feel bad and awkward in her own skin. She mentioned that in the african american community they really don’t talk about mental health. 

Taraji said “And when you have no one to talk to, what a person would usually do is they would try to self medicate. We’re just not allowed to be vulnerable, we have to be strong all the time. This is 400 years of damage and 400 years of trauma that we have not dealt with. And the way we deal with it is ‘be strong, put on a strong face, nothing wrong with you, you don’t have mental health.’ You’re not allowed to be human, that’s a lie.” Taraji felt pressured to be a strong black woman in Hollywood because everyone kept telling her to be a strong black woman. 

There are many more celebrities who have struggled with mental health. Some have been open with it, others have hidden it. These are just two people who have shared their problems and the things they’ve faced. If you have any problems with mental health don’t forget to talk to someone about it. People care and there is always someone who will be there for you.