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The Roaring Times

The Roaring Times

Student Spotlight: Jami Carolan (12th)


Advice for underclassmen?

I would say definitely show up [to school events] when you can because you’ll miss out on some of the important things as well as the memories. Take school seriously but don’t forget to have fun and make connections with others because you only go through high school once.

Pitman activities you’ve enjoyed being a part of?

I’ve been a part of ASB and I do really enjoy coming up with ideas for the dress up days or spirit themes. I also enjoy just coming up with ideas and ways to get others involved and helping people to enjoy coming to school. 

Most important thing you learned in high school?

Although I learned a lot of great information in my history and bio class, I must say the most important thing I learned in high school was to be comfortable in your own skin. There’s only one of you, and when you present yourself each day, you will get the most out of every opportunity.

What are you taking away from high school that you will use later in life?

After high school I am fortunate enough to leave with a solid foundation of biology. Having this knowledge will help me in my ultimate goal of becoming a DVM, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.