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The Roaring Times

2023-2024 Yearbook


The yearbook is one of the most important traditions of the school year and shows a wrap of all the events that Pitman High School students were a part of. To be able to have one of your own, don’t forget that the payment is due on the twenty-eighth of March. Make sure to get your payment in as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out; the cost is ninety-eight dollars until the end of the purchasing period! The yearbook includes all the sports, holiday events, and overall festivities that students were a part of and portraits for all those who attend our school. Yearbooks are supposed to, as of now, be shipped on the tenth of May and editing was completed this past Monday, the eighteenth. There will be more advertisements for the yearbook in the near future, so look out for them!

For all students, the yearbook includes unforgettable memories including the senior quotes and portraits. During distribution day on the seventeenth of May, the yearbook festivities take place. In the past, there has been a luau themed event in the gym during pride time where students can collect and sign yearbooks with their friends and teachers. Games like cornhole and volleyball were seen on past distribution days as well. This day is extra special for seniors since it is their last official high school class day before their senior trip. 

A new edition of the 2023-2024 yearbook is the Yearbook Plus app. This program allows students to obtain a better personalized yearbook by scanning certain points in the yearbook in order to show more pictures from the event/activity that have not been displayed on the physical yearbook. Seniors are able to add photos to the yearbook using Yearbook Plus and keep memorable albums just a scan away.

The students in the yearbook class have been diligently working to create an extraordinary edition. I have decided to interview senior Jasmine Perez, someone who has spent the past year working hard to create an amazing yearbook for Pitman students. I asked her what she is most excited for in the upcoming 2023-2024 yearbook. She replied, “I’m most excited to see my pages I’ve created on paper, and to see the whole yearbook that the whole class has worked so hard to complete.” 

Don’t forget that yearbook payments are due on the twenty-eighth since it is a hard deadline. Avoid making the purchase last minute, though, as there may be limited time if an issue occurs!