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Charter School vs Public School


Public schools serve the local community by accepting all local students who enroll; charter schools are selective and only serve a small segment of students. It is said that charter schools tend to be more racially segregated than traditional public schools and often fail to serve students with special needs.

Public schools simply just offer more benefits and opportunities. They are also financially maintained by the government and not just fundraisers unlike charter schools who have very limited accessibility. As for education, charter schools offer better learning skills and focus their attention on every student and fulfill their students’ needs because it’s a smaller group, unlike public schools that range from 720-850 students, on average.


Evan Parker (10th grade student at PHS) –

Some differences I noticed attending a charter school, was the fact it was very small. Less than 200 people. A major difference I noticed was the variety in students and the way one interacted with one another. I prefer a high school, preferably than a charter school, because the features they [offer]. I think the charter school has benefited me most in times when I was completing work that was less compelling than the work of an average high school student. Some things that high school students don’t particularly know about charter schools is that they are broken up into block periods. Making it easier to switch from a reading period, to a learning period. Another thing I could possibly add would be that there was never any physical education, instead, each and every student had 25 or more hours [of physical activity], in order to be passed up in a learned grade.