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Group of People Holding Cross and Praying in Back Lit

Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

In the beginning of humanity God created heaven and the Earth, after creating everything else He created Eve and Adam, which were the first two living humans on Earth. Since the first day they started believing in one God. 


Religion has been a huge change in humanity, since the first century in the ancient Egyptian era of Atenism their first religion was called ¨atem¨ believing it was a true religion. Since the first century God has been the most important thing for certain people. But for those who aren’t religious they get away from it and start making up their own philosophies about life and who created the world and all the living creatures; people’s curiosity started making them doubt the fact that there is one God.


What made people believe in a creator was the fact that their ancestors have been believing in a one true God.  Since the beginning we all have different cultures and that includes going to church and praising the creator of this Earth. One of the reasons for God to be praised is simply because He is the one who performs miracles and the one who is beside anyone who is going through a hard time. 


Religion is worldwide; there are so many different religions.  For example, the top three are: Christianity, Islam and the non religious known as (atheism) . Usually people have certain days to worship their god; for example, Catholics usually go to church on Sundays and so do Christians. In the world there are some people who don’t like religions at all so they decide to hate instead.  An example is in Syria where there have been many people who have died because of their religious beliefs, yet they don’t give up and decide to accept reality and face anything that could possibly happen all because of the love they have for their god. 


The reason why people decide to believe in their gGod is simply because they strongly believe that God is going to help them on what they are going through and no matter what the situation is they would go to church and praise him. In some religions god is not the only one that they praise. Most likely they have many and many more characters they believe in. In the world Christianity and Catholicism have been the largest groups of believers in the world, the reason of why is because people believe in one god and what they preach in is something they think is true and that there is hell and heaven.


Why do people decide to believe in religion and why they believe in something they can’t see is because they feel a presence and they have the sense of what could be god and that’s what they’re seeking. But from the point of view of the believer is – how could anyone not believe, yet there was once a time in the prehistory of our species when nobody believed in any sort of religion, but somewhere along the way they found religion.