Corrupt Politicians

Corrupt Politicians

Jonathon Beals (9th), Reporter

Today’s government is highly corrupt and politicians continue this unhealthy behavior. An example of a corrupt politician is someone who would lie and advertise themself as someone who will bring change and do something for the country in a positive manner. Then they use their power to get their own personal agenda. 

For example the House of Representatives is having trouble creating a stimulus bill. Both sides are trying to push towards deals that help them. Deals that don’t necessarily help the people it is meant for. It is to help those who the Republicans are friends with and who the Democrats are friends with. Majority of those are rich people who are already well off.

 It is horrible to see what America has been and continues to be. It has been corrupt and most likely stay that way. Now many of us may have different opinions on who is corrupt and who is not. So I asked people on all sides of the political spectrum on their  beliefs in what makes a corrupt politician. 

One of the first people I questioned was my father. Retired U.S. Marine had this to say about corrupt politicians, “I don’t like them. They have been running this country for ever.” 

He gave examples of the ones he calls corrupt. He named Richard Nixon and Duncan Hunter. He picked these people because of their obstruction of power. For example President Nixon attempted to cover up a crime and a crime that would benefit him mostly and his reelection campaign. His attempt was successful at first but he ended up getting caught and the tapes of his conversations in the oval office prove that he had tried to cover up the so-called “Watergate Scandal”. Nixon was then pardoned by President Ford avoiding any punishment.

Duncan Hunter, another very corrupt politician, had stolen more than 150,000 dollars from campaign funds and put it towards personal use. He also had several affairs and had money to deal with that. His wife also pleaded guilty to corruption charges. Although Duncan Hunter had served in the Marine Corps he ended up being an irresponsible person and used his power to benefit himself. Too many people use their power and I would love to stop here but unfortunately there is more to address. 

I also interviewed a fellow pitman student. Hailey Caviglia a 9th grader here at school had this to say about corrupt politicians. “Corrupt Politicians have no place in society.” She gave one example of a corrupt politician which was Ray Nagin. Mr. Nagin had installed an associate as the city chief in tech who had gained control over millions of dollars in no bid city contracts for things like computer systems and crime cameras. Nagin didn’t believe he would be caught yet he wasn’t too slick. He went from being the promising governor who led Louisiana through Hurricane Katrina to using power and fame to get himself even more.

Corruption has been a popular trait in leaders of america for as long as time could remember. It is sad and heartbreaking sure but what we need to worry about is how we can stop this. Before you go to vote think about your options which candidate has proven they are truthful and honest. You can’t vote for someone just because you don’t like the other person. By doing that it’s as if you went into the ice cream shop and said “Give me every flavor besides Vanilla.  You see how that just seems weird. 

For all we know there could be a poisonous one and you not knowing it. With this coming up election a lot of people are voting Trump simply because of the fact they don’t like Biden and vice versa. What I’m saying  is in order for corrupt politicians to stop winning you need to think long and hard about who you personally are gonna vote for. Not who he or she will but you. YOU control who YOU want in office. 

But to wrap things up here, Corrupt politicians have ran america and stained it with their ugly sneaky ways. Corrupt politicians are on the left and right of the political spectrum. Sometimes it ends up being a trojan horse a promising candidate being proven guilty in court. And only YOU can control the who YOU think is most deserving of that specific  governmental position.