Jonathon Beals (9th)

Jonathon Beals (9th), Reporter

I’m Jonathon Beals and I was born December 1st 2005 in Lake Tahoe. I come from a family that the majority made the career choice of going to the military and I wish to do the same after college or high school if I do not make it to college.

I am interested in sports and food. I enjoy being with family and friends. I also like listening to music and playing video games. Some of my favorite video games are, Call Of Duty Black Ops 1-4, Minecraft, Socom, and a bunch of others.

I like writing opinion pieces on politics, sports, etc. I believe that the country has been run by idiot career politicians - republican and democrat. And you will see majority of my writings will be on that. A lot of my writings will also be on sports and on how the Cowboys will finally win a playoff game and not have an 8-8 season. And on how the Bears will play horribly this year.

But more or less I’m a great person, or at least I try to be one, and I’m happy that I’ll be working on writing some of the best articles you’ll ever read. 

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Jonathon Beals (9th)