Haunted Houses or Pumpkin Patches?


Gabi Vasquez (11th), Reporter

Many people like to spend time watching Friday the 13th, and others like The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Some like to enjoy their spooky month visiting haunted houses, while others prefer pumpkin patches.  Everyone has their own preferred ways to celebrate October, so which side are you on? 


Haunted houses, how fun! You can go to be frightened, or just for entertainment. Every house has their own themes, and their own ways of representing them. Some can be family friendly, while others are not. Many have a history behind them like actual haunted houses such as the Villisca Axe Murder House, along with the House of Death located in New York City, New York. There are ways that a normal home can become haunted; most are attachments by a ghost or spirit. These Halloween haunted houses are based off of a certain legend or spirit, causing it to be more frightening for the believers. Overall, if you like to be scared, then this is a good pick for you!


On the more family friendly side, pumpkin patches are a kids’ favorite place to visit during the fall season. There are hay rides, tractors, corn mazes, and of course lots and lots of pumpkins to choose from! The coolest and biggest pumpkin always has to come home, right after getting lost in a maze with ten foot corn stalks surrounding you! Although all pumpkin patches are different, any one of them can be enjoyable! Some even have scary mazes and haunted corn mazes! This creates excitement for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy a fun activity during autumn.


While writing this, I had the opportunity to interview a member of my family, Roxanne Vasquez, and ask her about her thoughts on haunted houses.


Vasquez responded with, “Well, I grew up being scared during the month leading up to Halloween. My family and I visit haunted houses and haunted corn mazes every year, so I’d say I’m used to them. They are my favorite attraction during halloween. I find them to be really interesting, especially the real haunted ones. I mean, I can always go for a scare”.  


I was also able to ask a junior from Turlock High School, Mario Carrillo, “How do you go about spending your October?”


Carrillo answered, “Well, once the month hits, the weather starts to cool. I like preparing for the weather by buying new clothes, purchasing some hot chocolate, getting fire logs ready, and my favorite part, taking all of our big and soft blankets out from storage! –I usually throw small costume parties every halloween and invite my closest friends. It’s most of the time a blast being able to hang out with them.”


Overall, it doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate the spooky month of October. Everyone has their own traditions and ways they like to celebrate. But we know one thing for sure, you’re going to be on your toes all month!