Gabi Vasquez (11th)

Gabi Vasquez (11th), Reporter

Hi guys, my name is Gabrielle Vasquez (Gabi for short), and I am 16 years old. Here is a short intro as to why I've decided to join this class. I found writing to be therapeutic. It helps me get my thoughts out. I like writing songs because it’s a way to write whatever is going on in your head on paper, but more creative.

Now here are some extra facts about me. My favorite instruments to play would be piano and guitar. I look forward to trying out some drums as well. I’m into astrology. My zodiac sign is the pretty gnarly Aries, born on April 13. I enjoy making new friends! I kind of have a thing for musicals. My favorite movies are Bohemian Rhapsody, Tangled, Wonder Woman, any Iron Man movie, The Great Gatsby, and SpiderMan Into the Spiderverse. My favorite color is pink; my closet is filled with many pink shirts and sweaters. Oh, also I like dressing up :)

One other thing that I love doing is playing video games. I’ve always been hooked on first-person shooters. I grew up on Call of Duty because of my brothers. The games I can spend hours on are Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Apex Legends. Some of my favorite chill games are Minecraft and Terraria. All of this basically sums up who I am as a person. Thanks for reading! :)

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Gabi Vasquez (11th)