Yung Pleit: Review the Artist


Gabi Vasquez (11th), Reporter

As for someone that loves music, I’ve actually never heard of the Spanish trap artist, Elmer Pleitez Jr, who goes by the alias, Yung Pleit. Occasionally, his style also includes singing lightly over instrumentals in English. He started his musical journey on the phone app GarageBand, at the young age of 16.


Due to being unknown to the artist, I had to listen to a few of his songs in order to write about him. Like what was said, he typically focuses on Spanish-English trap. Trap is a subgenre of hip-hop music that originated in the late 2000s. Most of his music focuses on romance, like being in love, or being heart broken. 


After I listened to some of his songs, I found myself moving with it. His beats can go from calming to energetic, which is what makes songs favorable. When people listen to music, they usually either enjoy it because they relate to the lyrics, or they just really admire the beat. With Pleit, you are able to both relate to the lyrics, as well as just vibe to the songs!


The song, “Miss Me” is from the album Remember the Name, which was released in 2021. 


I had the opportunity to message Pleit himself, and was able to ask him a few questions. 


Which one of your songs would be your favorite, and why?

It’s hard to think of a favorite song, you know, I wish I could choose all because I love every song that I make. That’s the reason why I put them out. If I don’t put out a song I don’t like, or think other people would like, I’m not doing it right. But, if I did have to choose one song I’ve released, I would probably say No Options. That song gave me a huge boost to have me continue this path of making music. From that song, a lot of more people found out who I was– the song overall is super fire. “Miss Me” also holds a big part of my heart.


What pushed you to keep working through the problems you faced (and continue to face) throughout the journey of being an artist?

For me, I look at problems as things we all have to deal with. Everybody has problems, but it’s about how you deal with those problems. That’s what makes you different from everybody else. For me, music is how I deal with problems; it’s how I deal with heartbreak, when I’m not feeling good– or even when I’m feeling good. In music, the only problem I faced was the fear of not making it and not having people like it. The way I got rid of this fear was by just pushing through it. Making music for myself and the others around me. 


Yung Pleit should be applauded, as he is an amazing artist. His unique style makes his songs relatable to others with his beautiful aesthetic and vibe. More people should look into music artists that are unknown to them, because they might just add them to their playlists.