Best Album of 2021




Gabi Vasquez (11th), Reporter

2021 was a crazy year, with new artists rising to the top as well as old artists returning to the spotlight. With new albums, singles, remakes, they all seemed to keep us happy and entertained. But, even though everyone has their own opinion, what was the best album of 2021 overall?

Due to the famous app, Tiktok, several new artists were discovered. Their songs became number one on the app; quickly reaching  the most played category. Though there were many artists who were able to hit this mark, only a few were able to get multiple of their songs up there. 

Young female artist, Doja Cat, has made her name rise to the top. With Tiktok being on her side, several of her songs were able to hit the Top 20. She released a new album, Planet Her, released in March of 2021, which people were waiting in anticipation for. Many people seem to thoroughly enjoy the album. Oftentimes, stating boldly, that there are no”bad” songs in the album. Overall, the album is a great one to listen to if in need of a boost of confidence!

Another young female artist, Olivia Rodrigo, was slowly becoming popular during 2021; growing her fanbase in large units at a time. Being a Disney star definitely helped boost her new music career! Olivia released an album, Sour, which quickly became the most popular album of 2021. Many of her songs are about being a teenager and the emotions they face; usually how teenagers are shunned down for feeling certain emotions. 

Those are two “new” artists that were able to rise to the top during the year. Like what was said, everyone has their own opinions on who they believe was the best overall album. To answer the initially asked question, I would definitely say the best album of 2021 was Planet Her. There are several reasons as to why I’ve come to this conclusion. Doja Cat’s album can be listened to whether you’re at a party and need some hype music, or if you’re feeling some emotions. Either way, the album will not disappoint!

I was able to interview a junior from Pitman High, Ismael Garcia, with questions related to this topic.

What album did you have on repeat this year?

“I’m gonna have to go with the Nectar Album. I was stuck in love with Nectar, not only because I loved the artists music, but that particular album just fitted most of the vibe of 2021. It definitely felt like something you could relax to, be sad to, and just have a good time with.” 

Which new artist took you by surprise?

“An artist that took me by surprise would probably be Mothica. She is just so different from all the artists I’ve listened to. Her vibe is different, nothing like I’ve heard before (which typically consisted of indie electro pop). She wasn’t something I expected, I just stumbled upon her, which I am totally thankful for”.

In conclusion, everyone has their own favorite singer, bands and genres. Typically making it hard for them to choose the “Best Album”.