New Year’s Resolutions


Mark Valgos (9th), Reporter

New Year’s Resolutions, we all make them, but what are they really? We try to be specific, but not too specific as to make it hard on us, so be general, but not too general or else it is too easy and you’ll find a loophole. Then, after all the thinking going into the perfect New Year’s Resolution, we start the new year feeling pretty good about ourselves. 


Until about a day into February when the perfect temptation arises, and by the time you’ve cheated once, what’s it going to hurt to skip one more day? Before long, your resolution goes out the window and you’re living your life just as you were in December of last year.  


Fellow freshman Rylie Rice stated that she’s, “set a 2021 resolution to read a book a month.” And while this seems to be a great New Year’s Resolution, Rice stated that she “only made it about halfway through the year.”


Mind you, this happens at a different pace for everybody, mostly depending on willpower and discipline but also, perhaps more importantly, on how well you set your New Year’s resolutions. It is impossible to come out on New Year’s Day and cut sugar out of your diet completely. Sure, it may be possible to last a week, two if you’re lucky, but let’s be honest those cookies in the pantry aren’t going to eat themselves, and they’re going bad in just two days. Next thing you know, you’re three cakes in and thirty pounds overweight. 


This is just more reason to set reasonable goals. After all, a goal without steps is just a dream, so if your goal is to have all As by 2023, then you might want to start small. Start by doing all of your homework, then add studying, add asking questions, stop using your phone in class, pay attention to your teacher, and don’t go to unnecessary parties. These are all examples of steps that can be taken to make your total “New Year’s Resolution” of getting all As come true. It might not be easy, it might not be fun, but by next year you will have achieved that goal and can move on to bigger and better things.


Or, you might want to have a car by 2023. This is a bigger goal, but can be achieved using the same step system. The first step is finding a way to make money. Whether that means mowing people’s lawns, raking leaves, getting a job or starting your own small business, there are a plethora of ways to go about making money. Next you may want to open a savings or checking account, that way you can keep your hard earned cash safe in the bank for when you need it. You’d then have to find a model you like and go about buying it.


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Steps such as those listed above can be used for all New Year’s resolutions, and can even be applied to other goals in your life. So with this information, go out and complete your New year’s Resolution, or, if it’s not too late, bring your old one back into your life and finish the year off strong. Merry Christmas everybody, and have a Happy New Year!