Moving Beyond Turlock

Kelsey Martinez - Special Topics Editor

June 7, 2009

            Unbelievably, there are other state schools besides Stanislaus that Pitman Seniors are attending which vary from Fresno, Cal Poly SLO, Sacramento, and a single Channel Islands. These students have worked equally hard and are eq...

Oh! To Be a Warrior

Kelsey Martinez - Special Topics Editor

June 7, 2009

There is no doubt all seniors want to have a great college experience, and some seniors decided the best one for them was right at home. Nearly eighty seniors will be attending CSU Stanislaus in the year 2009-2010, and there could be...

Many Graduates Head to Junior Colleges

June 7, 2009

While there is considerable excitement related to the many students who have graduated from Pitman High School and will have attending four year institutions of higher learning, the bulk of the student body will be attending junior...

Graduates onto College

June 5, 2009

The Pitman HS class of 2009 had very exciting results when survived about their future plans. The Roaring Times surveyed all seniors, yet 87% of seniors returned surveys. The surveys and anecdotal evidence from teachers indicat...

Save the Earth!

Page Editor Sharon Kha

May 8, 2009

  Happy Earth Day! On April 22 every year, Earth Day is celebrated to promote the awareness and appreciation of our Mother Earth.   When many people think of Earth day, they think of recycling. There is, in fact, much mor...

Regional Art Show Success

Senior Staff Writer Itzel Alvarez

May 1, 2009

  Six students from Pitman won awards in the Turlock Regional High School Art Show. The winners were: Amelia O’Neil for a 1st place painting, Carman Valdez for a 2nd place color drawing, Brenda Penner for a 3rd place color dr...

Concert and Dessert at PHS 4/23

April 22, 2009

  Every year, Pitman puts together a Concert and Desert (CAD) for the students of Pitman High School to show off their talent, in any form. The CAD is to take place this Thursday (4/23/09) 6:30 PM and costs five dollars per ...

Obama’s Stimulus Package: Detrimental or Supplemental?

Page Editor Samantha Trout

April 4, 2009

  Since last year, the economy has been in a known recession due to various reasons such as the war, inflation, and the stock market. 2008 was an election year and because our country is in such a state of emergency, the presidential ...

Hello world!

February 10, 2009