Banipaul Zare (12th), Reporter

I am a big fan of video games, especially sports ones like Fifa or Madden. I win a lot in them so feel free to talk to me and maybe we can engage a match, but I warn you I am really skillful at them. I am not the best at them, but I am above average and really close to the top. I was born in Modesto, California on the 8th of August in 1998, a lot of eights in my birthday. In Chinese culture the number 8 is considered lucky. I also like participating in sports like basketball and soccer. I like writing about what goes on in the sports world and I enjoy watching SportsCenter. I hope to go to a good College and maybe even become a professional athlete, but I must work hard in school and in sports to do so. If I had free time I would probably like to go to the movies or possibly practice at sports and even play video games. Other than that I like running and that’s about it.

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Banipaul Zare (12th)