Teacher Spotlight: Tim McCabe & Kris Shaw


America Castrejon (9th), Editor

  1. Why are the two of you friends?  

McCabe: We teach the same subject, have kids the same age, competed in the same sports (mostly), teach at the same school, and share many of the same hobbies so it was only a matter of time until he found out how cool I was.

Shaw: Wait…we’re friends? Well if that is the case, then we have the same hobbies. Tim fixes things, I look good on them. I organize meets, he takes credit for them. It is a give and take relationship.

  1. Who is the funnier one?

McCabe: Shaw for sure. There is a difference between knowing when to crack jokes and have comedic timing, it’s another to be slightly nerdy and play know every quote to The Goonies. But man Shaw knows the Goonies well. SLICK SHOES!

Shaw: Tim has those Dad jokes on lock. As the kids would say.”No cap”. We can probably recite multiple movies…I mean every line. (Don’t start Tim, he doesn’t stop until the credits.)

  1. Mr. McCabe – What do you think about Mr. Shaw moving? 

Joking aside, when someone that has been a huge part of the community and life of the campus in the classroom and through sports and other programs, you can’t really replace those people. Someone will be hired, but teachers like this who understand the value of pushing students inside and outside of the classroom are irreplaceable. He is committed to his family so when the hard decisions have to be made, you always remember that your family comes first even if there are many sacrifices you are making.

  1. And Mr. Shaw – will you miss teaching with (near) Mr. McCabe?

His zest for life. He never is down, angry, or not willing to help. He always would listen when I would rant, always help me with something, mechanical or otherwise. He is the person that would always get someone to go another level with encouragement, examples and positivity. That is hard to find in the world right now when everyone looks to see what is making them depressed instead of what is making them happy.

  1. Whose idea was it first to be coaches for the track team?

McCabe: Shaw has been a track coach here forever, with lots of success. We both competed in high school and college and at my previous school I mostly focused on wrestling and then helped with track in the spring a few years. I had to step back from helping with wrestling because it took every weekend away from my family as my boys were young. Shaw approached me to help out knowing that I had a background and laid out a schedule that wasn’t as much of a commitment on the weekends away from family, so I joined. Then Thad moved, now Fisher and Shaw are moving so I am left holding the reigns (and crying in the corner) LOL. Hopefully we can find more coaches to be involved and still maintain a family friendly schedule so we all can also be involved with our own kid’s sports as they do them. I love coaching kids but I don’t want to miss opportunities coaching my own.

Shaw: I know it is a big challenge to take over a head coach position at any level. But Tim is totally up for that challenge. But as people say, “It takes a village to raise a child”. I have been asking for villagers a lot over the past couple of years, but without answers. I am hoping that Tim’s positivity and creativity will bring fresh energy to the team.

  1. How did you two meet and did you quickly become friends? 

McCabe: Honestly when I heard him playing Justin Bieber in his classroom when I was first on campus. I popped my head in and saw him rocking out, lip syncing to “If I Was Your Boyfriend.” I knew he was legit.

Shaw: When I walked into his room and he had a giant lizard hanging out on his back, I walked out….thought “Lizard boy teaches chemistry?!? It takes all kinds” Went back in there and here we are today. All jokes aside, Tim is a major foundation of the track program, science program and Pride family and this community is lucky to have him…….Just don’t give him a microphone and guitar. (Sorry Timmy, had to do it!)