Is Nikocado Avocado Ruining his Life for Money?


Cionna Washington (9th), Reporter

Nicholas Perry, better known as Nikocado[Nik-o-ca-do] Avocado is a Ukrainian American Youtuber known for his dramatic and cometic mukbang videos featuring his boyfriend/husband, Orlin Home and sometimes other mukbang Youtubers. Perry is 29 years old, born in 1992 on May 19. He has many different youtube channels; his main channel is ¨Nikocado Avocado¨ also including Nikocado Avocado 2; Nikocado Avocado 3; Noodle king; More Nikocado; and lastly Nikocado Shorts.


Perry started youtube in 2014; his early content included violin covers and vegan lifestyle vlogs. In 2016, he posted a video saying he is leaving the vegan community because his health was getting bad because of the vegan diet he had. After 2016, he began making mukbang videos and he gained 50,000 views in  just a couple of weeks. But, Perry’s early life wasn’t the easiest, he was adopted as an infant by a family in the USA. He stated that he had received interventions and therapy sessions from the age of five; he was also diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants at the age of seven. 


You might be wondering why I’m bringing up his early life. It’s because some people believe that his mental health and childhood could be the reason for his recent behaviors online. 


People are starting to get really worried about Perry. Some are making videos about him and his boyfriend because in their videos they argue, hit, yell and throw food at each other. While a percentage of people view the videos as staged, some argue against it. Some of his videos on his other channels are very concerning because there are videos captioned “My new diet as a diabetic person” and in the video he is seen eating multiple servings of Olive Garden while sitting on his bed. In another video called “Heart attack grill-20,000 Calorie Burger-Mukbang”, he is eating a ginormous burger and other items while workers are surrounding and congratulating him for eating huge amounts of junk food.


Perry has also posted videos where he has stated that he broke his ribs but in the video he is moving around a lot and people in the comments were suspicious; making comments like: “For a person with broken ribs he is moving around a lot without being in very much pain”.


“Do you think Nikocado Avocado is faking his videos and fights with his boyfriend for views?”


Dustin Vang, a current freshman at Pitman High School stated,  “Yes I think he is faking it for the views because he wants to be the number one youtuber; and when he cries he is faking it too”.


“What do you think about Nikocado Avocado?”


Makaila Jeffcoats, another freshman at Pitman Said “I think he is ruining himself, health wise for views and whenever I hear something about him it always involves drama, very unhealthy”.


Though some of his content may seem entertaining and funny, he is putting his life at risk and if he doesn’t stop soon something bad will happen.