An Underrated Month


Gizmo Garcia (12th), Reporter

Ask yourself, what do you think of when you think about the month of March?  Is it to wear green? Is it really…nothing? Well, that’s definitely what mostly everyone thinks. But March is all about St. Patrick’s Day obviously, everyone knows that.

How much do people actually care about it? Well, if you really think about it – all people do most of the time is wear green and that’s the end of St. Patty’s Day but there’s so much more to it! Everytime I ask someone they just say it’s boring and that there’s nothing to it really.

St. Patty’s Day isn’t all just about green, it’s about getting together with friends or family and just simply having fun. An underrated day that is usually forgotten about when it shouldn’t be! A little fun fact, did you know that Saint Patrick’s Day – or the Feast of Saint Patrick – is based on a saint named Patrick? Who would’ve thought. It’s actually a cultural and religious celebration that is celebrated on the day of St. Patrick’s death, which was on the 17th.

Let’s get into a little bit of history about St. Patrick. Historically on St. Patrick’s Day, eating and drinking restrictions were lifted just for the day. St. Patrick himself was a 5th-century Roman-British Christian missionary and Bishop in Ireland; then he was captured by raiders and was told by the voice of God to escape to the coast and he would find a boat that would let him escape to freedom; after this he would then become a priest. There were even some stories where it was said that Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland! In the end, after his death, he became Ireland’s foremost priest. That just about covers a little timeline of St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world, even in space. Chris Hadfield celebrated in space by wearing green and singing songs. 

I interviewed Jasmine Garcia about this underrated holiday.

Gizmo: “What do you think about St Patrick’s Day?”


Jasmine: “It’s cool and really funny to see everyone wearing green and big hats and bowties.“ 


Gizmo: “Yea, I love dressing up too! It’s really surprising that this is all just a Christian day.”


Jasmine: “I didn’t know that.”


Gizmo: “Yea, most people believe it’s just about drinking and wearing green, but it’s got a lot more to it than just that!”


 So whether you are into this holiday or not this year, just keep the green spirit!