Fall Movie Preview 2010

Staff Writer - Gurjit Chahal

September 20, 2010

  If you plan on watching movies this fall, here are some ideas of what might be in the movies that are coming out. Paranormal Activity 2   One of the movies that are coming out is Paranormal Activity 2.  The first movie...

To Kill a “Mockingjay”

Managing Editor - Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl

September 16, 2010

As I purchased Mockingjay a week after its release, I was anxious to read the conclusion to Suzanne Collins’s successful series of books. After two intense, action-packed, and gripping novels, this last book should be no exce...

Spoiler Alert for Vampire Diaries

Jordan Garcia - Staff Writer

May 20, 2010

Excuse me? Did I just fall asleep and dream that up? No, I don’t think my mind is twisted enough to have produced that series of events. This was the internal conversation I had after the ending of the season finale of The Vam...

Freddy’s Back in a New ‘Nightmare’

Co-Editor-in-Chief Justin Minor

May 14, 2010

  It’s a shame that I’m writing one of these articles again. It seems that every time I come here to review a movie, it’s just another piece-of-garbage horror movie remake. Of course, they’re not all pieces of garbage....

Patricia Weitz Details Adult Struggles in COLLEGE GIRL

Senior Staff Writer Janessa Jimenez

April 14, 2010

  Patricia Weitz delivers a candid and simple account about the day-to-day life of a student in her novel, College Girl. The novel is the journey of an insecure girl named Natalie Bloom and it describes her social and intimate...

Legend of the Seeker: The Story Continues…

Co-Editor-in-Chief - Samantha Trout

March 29, 2010

  In the not-so-vast world of obscure sci-fi television series, Legend of the Seeker is the supreme leader. Complete with a cast of Aussie actors who have a hard time covering up their accents, tough female actresses who have...

“We Are the World”: The Squeakquel

Senior Staff Writer - Chris Moreno

March 18, 2010

  During the 2010 Grammy Awards, Lionel Richie made a wonderful speech about Michael Jackson and all of Michael’s great feats in the music industry. He then followed up with a surprise announcement about the remake of the song...

Microsoft’s ‘Project Natal’ Revolutionizes Gaming

Staff Writer Lazaro Gutierrez

March 16, 2010

  Close your eyes. Imagine a car, any car. Now, pretend you’re in the driver’s seat and driving the car. You push the pedals and twist the steering wheel; you might even dare to shift gears manually. Open your eyes. You find...

USA’s White Collar adds a bit of class to the network’s line-up

Staff Writer Jordan Garcia

March 4, 2010

  If you take sleek, charming high-end con-artist, Neal Caffrey, and pair him up with smart, straight-laced FBI agent, Peter Burke, add in some action, mystery, and witty dialogue, you get USA’s new drama series, White Col...

Audiences and Critics Blindsided by Sandra Bullock

Lex McLeod

February 23, 2010

  Whether you love or hate her, Sandra Bullock is undoubtedly one of America’s most successful actresses. In 2009 alone, “America’s Sweetheart” has grossed over $400 million dollars with her movies while opening new doors...

82nd Annual Academy Awards: Who will take Oscar home?

Lex McLeod

February 23, 2010

 On February 2, 2010, the 82nd Annual Oscar nominations were released to a crowd of eager and hopeful producers, directors and writers. The small press conference, lead by Oscar nominated actress Anne Hathaway and the Presid...

Vampire Weekend’s new CD lives up to expectations

Staff Writer - Lukas Hibdon

February 23, 2010

  Vampire Weekend became one of my favorite bands after the release of their first self-titled debut album, Vampire Weekend, back in 2008. Their sound was so unique, like a synthesis of tribal drums and Western classical music, t...